This year as we go back to school to start another year, I have already started staying busy and wrapping up another busy summer. Through out the summer I spent time helping my Grandfather around the farm with the hay, and mowing my Grandmothers yard, all while still staying involved with the Boy Scouts and the Church.
   While helping around our own farm, I still had the time to attend numorous events that helped with building character and filling in my time through the summer. I attended two seperate Soccer Camps, to help build my skills and get myself more prepared for the upcoming soccer season. I also attended Boy Scout Camp in Laurie, MO for one week. While there I was selected to participate in one of the higest honors in Boy Scouts, The Order of the Arrow. This honor follows great traditions in the Boy Scouts and is an honor that is bestowed upon a Scout by his peers in the Scout Troop. I also had the opportunity to go on a Mission trip to Sikeston, MO and share in spreading God's helping hand to people who needed it. My Youth Group spent five days on our journey, growing closer to each other and learning first hand what is like to see people who really needed help in recovering from their own life dissapointments. Traveling with my friends from the church and several of their parents (to include my own father), we left Sedalia with our sites set on Sikeston. After spending four days there we returned and stopped by Six Flags on our way home.
  Now that school is back in session, I have already started on the soccer team and have joined the FFA. By joining the FFA, I have taken on a roll of my own on our farm. My father and I have started raising poultry together for my FFA Project. I have 29 Americauna chickens, while my father is raising 15 Rouen ducks. We have worked hard together while getting housing built and a pen for them to stay in. With luck I will be helping provide for my family soon by providing eggs for them, and selling what is left to cover the costs involved.
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Me awaiting the Birthday Celbration to begin. Sunday 2nd of August 2009