I grew up with a love for horses but was unable to realize this until I was 13. My Cousin had offered to teach me to ride a horse and appreciate their companionship. As I grew up on my father's farm, I learned to love the outdoors and the diversity of raising different kinds of livestock.  As I continued to ride with my cousin, I also realized not only my love for horses but my new found love of Rodeo. My parents being typical told me I couldn't participate in the Rodeo until I could do it on my own. Many years later, after acquiring my own farm, I got my first horses and have had several different breeds since then. I have always been partial to draft horses for some reason and my second horse for trail riding was a Percheron mare. As I turned 29, I started Bull Riding and instantly fell in love with the sport. After a one-knee surgery on my knee (not due to bull riding), one surgery on my right hand , and several scrapes and bruises, I met my wife. After one more knee surgery on my other knee, my wife urged me to stop bull riding. During this time I had aquired two mini bulls (from very good friends - The Late Denny Heimann and his wife, Gay Heimann) and two mini cows. And with the help of Shane Daniel this was putting me well on my way to further my love of the farm by getting into miniature bucking bulls.
  I joined the National Guard shortly after turning 17 and have been an active member in several different units in Missouri. Now having just over 20 years in the Military, I am working full time for them. I have greatly enjoyed my service and wouldn't trade it for anything else in this world. It has been one of the best things in my life.
  With my wife at my side, I have also realized another great joy in my life - the Church. I have come to realize that while there are other fun things to do, the Church has been one of the most rewarding items I could have gotten involved in. It has lead me to more friends and closer relatioships with not only the Lord, but also my wife, my children and many new-found friends. To all those friends and family, Thank You for being with me.

  As I continue to expand our farm and strengthen my family, I thank the Lord foe all of the rewards He has given to us. Never let them get you down and always "Cowboy Up" as life tosses you a rank Bull!
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