I have a pure passion for horses that my parents will tell you started from birth, much to their surprise, as well as a love for most animals large and small. We were a "city" family that did not have much contact with horses other than the occassional pony ride. But that never stopped me from wanting more, which eventually my parents and grandparents gave into during junior high. I worked my way through a few Arabians and Quarter horses through high school, going to every local club, 4-H, and breed show I could afford. I spent four years getting a B.S. in Equestrian Science from William Woods University and then went directly into full-time work in the horse industy, moving to Michigan, Kentucky and then finally back to Kansas City, Mo. But my love for my family brought me back to my home town, where I found some horsey things to do to feed my craving. I eventually met Michael, fell in love with him, Leisa and Sean, and the rest as they say "is history"!!
About Christy