Welcome Friends to the home of
Sir Knight of Rooks

  We are a small farming adventure that is working towards having fun and being more self-sufficient. As we raise animals for sale and food, we plan to have fun and enjoyment along the way.

  While we have horses for fun, we are working on developing our own miniature cattle herd that will help provide animals for pets, beef and the "ultimate bucking stock" built for kids. These animals will be raised with kids in mind by keeping in proportion the size of the animals with the size of your kids. As we grow and expand, we will offer our customers with breeding stock and also the ability to breed your own stock. In addition, we hope to be able to add the ability to have for sale semen and embryos from our herd to help bring new genetics to your breeding program.

Please explore this site to learn more. Call or email us to learn more about our breeding and referral services. Thank you for visiting us.

   We are located in Central Missouri, just south of Sedalia. A nice rural area, with family close by. For more information on our operation or animals in specific please use the email link below and we will get to you as soon as possible. Thanks again for visiting us.
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Sir Knight as a yearling
Sir Knight
Sir Knight of Rooks      5-28-09
Sir Knight winter of 2008-2009
MBBBA Buckle